Laura Wallace

Laura Wallace

Travel Advisor

Interests & Specialties: South America, Italy and Great Britain

More info: After 28 years in the travel industry, I have experienced working with hotels, cruise lines and tour companies everywhere from London to Tokyo to Patagonia. My specialties include South America, Italy and Great Britain. After working in corporate travel for many years, I have found that leisure travel is where I can truly exercise my expertise. I enjoy finding the perfect trip for my clients, and planning every detail to make sure that it is executed flawlessly. One of the amazing things about my work is being in contact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. I feel comfortable sending clients virtually anywhere because I know that I will have a contact there.

Peru stands out as my favorite excursion. As a Spanish major, I heard nothing but amazing things about Machu Picchu and Lima. Over 20 years after graduating, I finally got to experience the beautiful area first hand. The rich and unique culture and the diversity of the country; the mountains, canyons, and beaches, makes going to Peru an unforgettable

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